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Neon, aluminum, electronics

84.5 x 86 in.

The neon artwork installed on the facade of Shulamit Nazarian, Los Angeles marks the inaugural presentation of CHANT, Los Angeles-based artist Amir H. Fallah's grassroots effort to draw attention to the ongoing liberation movement for democracy and human rights in Iran.


Interchangeably displaying "WOMAN. LIFE. FREEDOM" in Farsi, English, and the phonetic Farsi, CHANT flashes in the colors of the Iranian flag and in the languages of the Iranian diaspora. The sun in the center of the art carries significant symbolic weight for the future of the Iranian people, as it is an ancient symbol representing change, hope, and positive growth. The rallying cry—زن زندگی آزادی (zan zendegi azadi)—has now been heard around the world, thanks to the unwavering bravery of the Iranian people who continue to risk their lives by speaking out in protest against the oppressive regime. 

CHANT serves as a visual statement and beacon for all those united in the struggle for freedom. It is a means for public education and civil action, using the power of art to access the power of the many. With this piece, we join in demanding urgent change in Iran. Together, we hope to attract public attention and help carry the voices of those who have been denied their basic human rights. We stand in solidarity with the Iranian people and everyone in pursuit of peace, freedom, and a brighter future.

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